Data pubblicazione: venerdì, gennaio 5, 2018

To determine the type of carwash you will open, or whether it will be hand or automatic, you need to consider how much capital you can invest. It goes without saying that handwashing will require the purchase of inexpensive equipment, while an automatic one will need more significant figures. Make a decision that suits your possibilities but do not let yourself be influenced by the initial cost; it also considers that a hand car wash, where a car is cleaned in about 40 minutes, will be a much slower dynamic activity compared to an automatic car wash. Also, keep in mind that you'll be more successful if you offer your customers a wide selection of specific car cleaning products. To open a medium-sized plant, you need a surface of at least 1,500 square meters, bearing in mind that there will be various spaces dedicated to body washing, interior cleaning and carpets, and a free space to be used as a parking space and any more accurate cleaning, especially for the interiors.

Generally these activities can open them or in areas close to large petrol stations (in order to have facilities, good publicity, and support) or in the vicinity of shopping centers and therefore with a strong car traffic. After choosing the area of the activity, you have to go to the part concerning the administrative obligations. For this type of activity, you must present a project describing the disposal of the water used and its reclamation through the purification plants, a declaration of conformity of the machinery, a water discharge permit and an assessment of acoustic impact.


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