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Adhesive heater resistance 15x8 cm 220V 12W double insulation 30 cm of cable

EL 15x8 220V

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XMAT heating elements are made by interposing a resistive circuit (resistance) between the layers of Polyester. Consequently, elements with thin and particularly flexible thicknesses suitable and suitable for heating any type of flat or curved surface are obtained. Possibility to integrate sensors or thermostats.

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  • Size 15x8 cm.
  • Power supply 220 V.
  • 12 W absorption
  • Max working temperature 110 ° C
  • Max temp. With 105 ° C adhesive
  • Peak temperature max. 130 ° C
  • Typical Thicknesses (μm) 250
  • Typical flat dimensions 3000 x 600
  • Bending radius approx. 8 mm
  • Maximum load 6 kg / cm2


  1. Flexibility and lightness.
  2. Fixings by direct adhesion, hooks, velcro, vulcanization.
  3. Temperature / power differentiation on the surface.
  4. Integration of sensors.


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