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Compressed air sanitizing gun equipped with tank


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Disinfection device ST-83, for cold mist disinfection of the interior.
The device is very easy to use. All that is required for the operation is a compressed air connection with an actual air volume of approx. 200 l / min and at least 3 bar of air pressure.

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After the agent to be dispensed has been filled into the container, the container is positioned in the environment to be treated and connected to the compressed air.
Then quickly leave the environment to avoid inhalation of the applied product.

Depending on the volume of the environment, the average volume, the air volume and the operating pressure, the environment is completely filled with active ingredient product.

Due to the extremely fine nebulization, the active principle reliably reaches the last corner and therefore guarantees uniform efficacy and wetting of all surfaces. Contrary to conventional methods, the user must not come into contact with the agent to be applied.


  • Material: stainless steel / plastic
  • Economical and safe application for hygienically germ-free interior cleaning for the removal of microorganisms, viruses and bacteria
  • No inhalation of the disinfectant solution as there is no need to enter the premises
  • The best nebulization of the active ingredients comes in the smallest spaces and in the last corner
  • Compressed air connection required: inlet pressure 3 bar, 180-220 l / min.
  • Uniform spray pattern with the finest droplets below 30 µm.
  • Extremely productive use: e.g. 1 liter for rooms with 60 m3, room size approx. 25 m2
  • Easy dosage of the disinfectant by means of a ml scale (100 ml each)
  • Available accessories: adapter for 5-30 liter tank, further dosing nozzles from our range

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ManufacturerR+M Suttner


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